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The kitchen has always been the "heart" of a Japanese home and remains the most important room of all. Like the "tools" of a carpenter, so are the cooking utensils of a chef. With the right "tool" one can cook more specialized and efficiently. Therefore it is essential to be equipped with the best kitchen tools possible. I cannot emphasize enough how "quality" cookware and utensils will significantly improve the flavor and taste of food, as well as make for more nourishing and satisfying meals. Aluminum, plastic, TeflonŽ or other synthetic materials should be avoided, as they can produce an unpleasant taste. Natural mediums, such as porcelain, bamboo, ceramic, wood, earthenware & cast-iron should be the most sought-after utensils for your kitchen, as they do not interact negatively with the food. If truly "natural" cooking is your goal, then these cookware materials are a must. All are unique, sourced custom cookware items that meet the highest standards.

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