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Other Vinegar Recipes 
 Recipes for Brown Rice Vinegar 
Kyushu Brown Rice Vinegar

Kyushu Organic Brown Rice Vinegar is the only brown rice vinegar still aged in earthenware crocks. This rare, yet full-bodied vinegar is traditionally made on the island of Kyushu, Japan's southern-most island. The mild climate, pure water, and abundance of excellent rice make Kyushu the perfect place for brewing vinegar. To this day this area is famous for its superior quality brown rice vinegar. Naturally aged with absolutely no additives. It takes over 12 months to make Mitoku Brown Rice Vinegar. Beginning as a delectable, unrefined sake (rice wine), well water and seed vinegar are added and the mixture is placed outside to brew in earthenware crocks. Gently filtered then aged, the finished vinegar has a deep, dark color and rich taste, yet possesses a delightfully mellow character. Unlike most other brown rice vinegars, ours contains absolutely no additives. Known as "Kuro-zu," or black vinegar in Japan.

Uses: Salad dressings, pickling mixture & marinades, over fish, veggie dishes, entrees, in sauces, french onion dips or spreads.

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Packaging: Glass Bottle
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