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 Recipes for Maitake 
Maitake - Japanese "Dancing" Mushroom

The Yukiguni Company is the most famous and respected medicinal mushroom grower in Japan. Dr. Hiroaki Nanba, Ph.D. of Kobe Pharmaceutical University is considered the world-renowned expert in medicinal mushroom research. Dr. Nanba certifies that this is the only true medicinal Maitake available. Beware that other maitake products may be imitations from China. Mitoku Yukiguni Maitake is also a culinary treasure and is exceptionally delicious! This Maitake has absolutely no additives and is the exact same product used in the scientific studies and treatments in Japan.

Uses: Soak, then steam Maitake for a tasty soup or side dish, add to sauces, gravy, fried rice, or dice and serve with noodles.

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