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Mitoku Medicinal Teas

Maintaining internal warmth is essential for human life. Perhaps this is why tea is regarded as a source for healing. Many herbs need to be heated and steeped before their medicinal properties become activated. Teas have strong astringent characteristics ideal for cleaning and refreshing our skin, blood and arteries. They have both calming and stimulating effects. The teas offered below are specialty Japanese teas that have many beneficial, medicinal qualities.

Lotus Root Tea

Japanese Lotus Powder

Lotus Root Tea, known in Japan as "Hasucha" is a delicious, soothing drink made from unbleached, sun-dried and ground lotus root mixed with a little dried ginger. Japanese lotus root tea is famous in Japan for soothing the lungs and chronic coughing, sinus blockage, upper respiratory problems, and helps dissolve excess mucus in the body. It makes a great tea as is or add a few drops of shoyu (soy sauce) or a bit of your favorite rice malt sweetener to taste.

Eden Mu Tea # 16

Japanese 16 Herb Tea

Recipe by George Ohsawa of sixteen herbs. Purpose blended to tone and strengthen. One tea bag makes a large pot. You will experience the vegetable kingdom's power. Strong, amazing taste. Mu Tea and Apple Juice is great! Six tea bags in a reclosable standing pouch. Not appropriate for the very young. kosher

Ingredients: Mandarin Orange Peel, Hoelen, Japanese Parsley Root, Peony Root, Atractylis Root, Cinnamon, Angelica Root, Licorice, Ginger Root, Cyperus Root, Apricot Kernel, Rehmannia Root, Panax Ginseng Root, Clove, Coptis Root, Moutan Root

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Name Product Id Price Quantity
Eden Lotus Root Tea - 2 oz. 10745   $12.85  
Eden Mu Tea-6 TeaPot Bags 88151   $6.99  
Eden Dandelion Root Con. - 1.41 oz. 88387   $38.65  
Mitoku Ryujin Umesho - 8.8 oz. 88385   $25.83  
Hokkaido Black Soybean Coffee - 7.05 oz. 88017   $14.39  

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