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Mitoku Organic Sencha
Japanese Green Tea

In Japan, Sencha is a prized tea served at high class restaurants and at home to make guests feel welcome and honored. Stimulating yet soothing, Sencha has long been used by Zen monks to promote mental clarity and calmness during prolonged meditations. Unlike Indian or Chinese green teas on the market, Mitoku Sencha is considered medicinal due to its high concentration of catechins.

Mitoku Genmai-cha
Japanese Green Tea with Roasted Brown Rice

A special blend of organic green tea and carefully roasted organic brown rice, this soothing tea is a perfect complement for macrobiotic and vegetarian meals. Mild and refreshing, it is an ideal drink for children and adults alike at any time of day. Mr. Nagata believes that his Genmai-cha provides the ideal way to obtain the health benefits of brown rice.

Mitoku Organic Hojicha
Japanese Roasted Green Tea

Refreshing and mild, Nagata Organic Hojicha is suitable for any time of day. Ready to drink in an instant, it is ideal for use at home, work or when traveling. Use for a warming and invigorating hot tea, or chill for a cooling and refreshing summer beverage. Hojicha is known as "Bancha" in Japan.

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