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Dr. Chang's Pa-Kua Poster
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This poster (25"x 32") is brilliantly colored (including gold and silver), embossed, ready for framing and hanging in any place.

"The Pa-Kua sign is the basic symbol of Taoism. It can be hung in any place to provide protection, peace, balance, success, power and righteousness." - Dr. Stephen T. Chang, MD, Ph. D., Taoist Master.

  Starting with the inside circle, the white portion is Yang or positive, and the black portion is Yin or negative. A balance of Yin and Yang will result in perfect health for the Body, Mind and Spirit.

  • Tao of Philosophy, which includes politics, family, military, economic, business, love, as well as other philosophies.
  • Tao of Revitalization
  • Tao of Balanced Diet
  • Tao of Forgotten Food Diet (Taoist Herbology
  • Tao of Healing Arts (acupuncture, acupressure, and others)
  • Tao of Sex Wisdom (Taoist Sexology)
  • Tao of Mastery (Personology, Fingerprint System, Numerology, Astrology, Directionology, and Symbology).
  • Tao of Success

Pa-Kua Symbol Delivers Us from Evil

This sign encapsulates the healing, balancing, harmonizing, righteous and loving powers in the universe. It radiates and shields people with these beneficial powers.

From The Great Tao by Dr. Stephen Chang:

Case #1:

A college professor had an office that was sandwiched between two other offices occupied by two ladies who fought bitterly and constantly. He was always dragged into their fights, which occurred without any good reason. They all realized this and tried everything to stop the insanity, including seeing psychologists and psychiatrists. Nothing worked. The professor even contemplated resignation. But then he learned about the Pa-Kua sign and hung one in a place where everyone would notice it. After doing so he immediately felt the vibration change. Since then no one ever fought again.

Case #2:

A qualified accountant and investment advisor confident in his own abilities ran expensive advertisements, which brought only very few clients to his door. For years his business stagnated, forcing him to consider changing locations. One day his friend presented him with a Pa-Kua sign gift. That same week his office was crowded with people and his phone rang off the hook. Both men thought the sign was responsible for the sudden change in luck.

Case #3:

A young woman brought her mother to Dr. Chang's office seeking his help. Her mother had been possessed for twelve years. She had been placed in mental institutions, treated by psychiatrists, and subjected to several exorcisms performed by several ministers. Nothing worked. When the mother was helped into Dr. Chang's office by her daughter, her appearance startled him because he had never seen anyone look like her. She had a green face. Some areas of her face bulged out and some sank in. Her lips were blue. Her dark brown hair, cut short, stood up by itself. She tried to say something but no words came out. She also suffered from shortness of breath and had no strength to stand or walk. Her daughter helped her get seated and asked for his help again. While Dr. Chang pondered the problem - he had never seen a possession and had to think of a way beside exorcism to help her - he suddenly heard a sharp scream. It came from the daughter, who exclaimed, "Look at my mother! Look at my mother!" Incredibly, her mother completely changed. Her face was no longer green, her cheeks were pink, her complexion was smooth, her lips were red, and her hair - which was blond - lay flat on her head! The mother, now beautiful, stood up crying and hugged Dr. Chang saying, "Dr. Chang - Thank you! Thank you! That thing has left me!" But he had to tell her the truth, "Dear lady, I do not deserve your thanks. This wonderful miracle you so much deserve is none of my doing. From where you sat you faced the Pa-Kua symbol directly. The evil spirit cannot withstand the power of the symbol. It must be the answer ...."

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