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Mitoku Instant Ramen Noodles
Japanese Noodles and Broth

Ramen is perhaps the most popular Asian food item to be introduced to the West, and for good reason. It's fast cooking and delicious and can be enjoyed by teens and adults alike. Mitoku Ramen are traditional Chinese-style noodles that are made using a unique process first introduced by the Sakurai family. The "steam then bake" method avoids the commercial frying process and thus any oil rancidity problems that require using preservatives such as BHT. Since their introduction, these delicious ramens have become worldwide best sellers. Mitoku Ramen make the perfect instant whole food meal.

  Name Product Id Price Quantity
  Mitoku Seaweed Ramen - 3.2 oz. 88208 =No Longer Available   $1.71  
  Mitoku Shiitake Ramen - 3.2 oz. 88205 =No Longer Available   $1.65  
  Mitoku Miso Ramen - 3.2 oz. 88206 =No Longer Available   $1.56  
  Mitoku Brown Rice Ramen - 3.2 oz. 88203 =No Longer Available   $1.89  

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