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Other Miso Recipes 
 Recipes for Brown Rice Miso 
Japanese Brown Rice Miso

Onozaki Family brown rice miso is a "Country-Style" miso made from the finest organic whole soybeans, cultured organic brown rice, pure water and sea salt, aged in huge cedar kegs at natural temperatures for just under two years. This superb, unpasteurized miso adds rich flavor and concentrated goodness to sauces, spreads, baked dishes, soups and stews, light enough for daily use. Made entirely by hand and simply irresistible. A light, slightly sweet miso, great for people new to miso. Unpasteurized Aged 24 Months.

Johsen Brown Rice miso is a delightful mild miso. It is made with the finest whole organic ingredients and naturally aged for more than 18 months. This unhurried natural aging contributes to the rich, rounded character and deep, savory flavor of this superb miso. Use Mitoku Johsen Organic Brown Rice Miso to enhance sauces, dips, spreads, baked and simmered dishes, soups and stews. Unpasteurized Aged 18-20 Months

Sakurazawa Brown Rice Miso is made exclusively for the Ohsawa Japan Company, using the finest quality yuuki grown soybeans and brown rice (genmai) harvested from local farms. These ingredients are combined with water from the mountaintop spring and special washed Oshima Island "umi no sei" sea salt to produce this incredible miso. Aged 18-24 months in cedar kegs, this savory and slightly sweet miso has a delicious, balanced taste, that enhances beans, vegetable dishes, sauces, soups, and stews. Unpasteurized.

Mitoku Yukki-Grown Tateshina Rice (kome/aka) or "Red" miso as it is known in Japan is extremely popular and is the best choice for mixing with barley miso to make what is referred to in Japanese as "Awase" miso. The mixture of light, sweet red miso and the saltiness of barley miso combine into a perfect blend of flavor and balance. Delicious as is in all kinds of dishes, also especially ideal in making Miso-Pickles (misozuke). Tateshina Red/Rice Miso is "Yuuki," a Japanese term that refers to "Nature Farming," a centuries old tradition of land stewardship and sustainable agriculture. The whole soybeans and rice used to make this miso are grown according to these ecological principles. Tateshina misos are made with special Oshima Island "umi no sei" sea salt and have been a long time supplier to the Ohsawa Japan Company. Unpasteurized Aged 12-24 months.

Uses: Miso is a delicious and versatile soy food. Miso soup, sauces, baked and simmered dishes, vegetable soups, stews, salad dressings and spreads.

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