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 Security Information 
Our Site Protection Facts

- We use a digital certificate
- The information on our seal matches our site
- Our seal connects realtime infomation regarding the safety of our site

Consumer awareness
In a virtual world there will always be an element of doubt when sending or receiving sensitive information. thawte realized that successful security on the Internet was all about trust.
How do you know we're safe?
Once an e-business has obtained a thawte SSL certificate, thawte supplies the customer with the thawte Trusted Site Seal to upload onto their website. By clicking on the "live" thawte Trusted Site Seal during our secure checkout process (payment page), visitors will get real-time confirmation of the validity of the certificate on the web server that they are connected to.

The thawte Trusted Site Seal is a visible, real-time assurance of trust letting your Website visitors know in an instant that your site is protected by one of the most trusted digital certificate providers on the Web.

How do I know my checkout process and shopping cart are secure?

We utilize SSL throughout the checkout process to ensure that a customers personal information is always encrypted. Viewing your order details from within our site is also done through an encrypted SSL link. In addition, all credit card information is kept encrypted on our secure server at all times, even after your order is submitted and processed.
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Natural Import Company

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