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Our Featured Product

The coral reef surrounding Ishigaki Island is registered by the Ramsar Convention as a Japanese protected wildlife sanctuary and is considered the cleanest, most oxygen-rich sea water on earth. Masu 100% sea water salt represents a major breakthrough for human nutrition. Using an innovative, patented, low temperature misting process developed by the Togo Family, Masu salt is born as the "first" crystallization directly from the coral sea water itself. The natural living mineral balance inherent in the sea water is mirrored and therefore easily assimuable to the body. No other salt in the world can claim this living mineral profile. Unlike salt that is harvested from salt beds whereby the mineral balance is compromised and changed by leeching and exposure to sunlight, containing unwanted substances such as dead fish particles, fecal matter, limestone and dirt, the sea water surrounding living coral reefs is known to be especially rich in trace minerals and oxygen. Masu 100% sea water salt contains over three dozen fully assimilatable trace minerals including unusually high levels of calcium. Enjoy this unique, nutritious salt for your health and well being. This extraordinary salt truly redefines the term "fit for human consumption."

  Name Product Id Price Quantity
  Masu 100% Sea Water Salt -7.05 oz./200g 99000   $8.89  
  Masu 100% Sea Water Salt -22 lb./10 kg 99003   $306.60  
  Masu 100% Sea Water Salt - 14.1 oz. Jar 99009 =Size No Longer Available   $14.19  
  Masu 100% Sea Water Salt - 1 lb. Bag 99001 =Size No Longer Available   $14.09  

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