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Japanese Sushi Products

Sushi is probably the most popular and well known of Japanese culinary creations. Sushi bars can be credited for introducing the wonderful world of Japanese cuisine to America. Since sushi bars are expensive, more and more people are "rolling-their-own" sushi for healthy and attractive meals to entertain friends or to create delicious party fare.

  Name Product Id Price Quantity
  Bamboo Sushi Mat - 24cm x 21cm 88474   $1.84  
  Bamboo Rice Paddle - 18cm 88473   $1.69  
  Sushi Nori - 7 sheets 88117   $5.55  
  Fine Sushi Nori - 50 sheets 88119   $43.29  
  Chef's Sushi Nori - 50 Sheets 88120   $31.29  
  Mitoku Wasabi Powder - 0.88 oz. 88378   $4.09  
  Eden Pickled Ginger - 2.1 oz. 88352   $5.49  

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