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Mitoku Organic Yaemon Tamari

Wheat-Free Soy Sauce

About 500 years ago, the Yaemon Company began to brew tamari. Mitoku Organic Yaemon Tamari is a full-bodied, wheat-free soy sauce made from the authentic Japanese recipe and then traditionally aged in huge cedar casks for over 18 months. This time-honored recipe uses only half as much water as typical, modern soy sauce, resulting in a uniquely rich, concentrated tamari. Tamari is particularly favored by people who have allergies to wheat. However, its excellent cooking qualities make it a seasoning appreciated by both ethnic and natural foods cooks around the world. kosher

Loaded with umami, double-concentrated soy sauce

Mitoku Authentic Yaemon Tamari is a gluten-free soy sauce which is slowly brewed over 18 months in wooden vats using only the highest quality whole soybeans, water, sea salt and koji - a fermentation starter. The resulting tamari is thick and rich, with complexity in flavor, thanks to an abundance of amino acids.This versatile condiment works well with any cuisine, but it is an excellent choice when lengthy cooking is required as its flavor-imparting amino acids do not evaporate.

Traditionally made tamari, such as Mitoku’s, is long aged in wood, contains no wheat and is made with a very high percentage of whole soybeans. The tamari supplied by Mitoku is also gluten-free.

Our tamari is authentic "go-bu" tamari, made with 10 parts soybeans to 5 parts water. Consequently, the tamari moromi (mash) of whole ingredients is very thick. When this mash is pressed to extract the liquid, the resulting tamari is highly concentrated, umami-rich and has great complexity of flavor thanks to an abundance of amino acids derived from soy protein.

This double concentrated tamari is made by a family firm, using a time-consuming traditional method that is now overseen by 5th and 6th generation brew masters. Using recipes passed down since their establishment in 1871, this producer’s tamari undergoes natural fermentation and aging for over 18 months in wooden vats. After this long fermentation, the flavorful liquid is pressed out, filtered and bottled. This producer is typical of Japan’s small but surviving traditional tamari industry. Mitoku’s tamari is the continuation of this long heritage. kosher

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Mitoku OG Yaemon Tamari - 5 oz./150ml 88291   $5.39  
Mitoku OG Yaemon Tamari - 16.9 oz./500ml 88290 =Out-of-Stock, Until 4/9   $11.69  

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