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Mitoku "Bitterns" Natural Nigari
Japanese Coagulant derived from Sea Salt

Mitoku Nigari is a natural bitterns (coagulant) derived from the Japan Sea. Nigari is a traditional solidifier used in the making of quality tofu. Mitoku natural nigari is derived from sea water and is the mineral-rich residue that slowly drips off moist sea salt and is then sun-dried.

Masu 100% Liquid Hon Nigari
From Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Japan
Hon Nigari = "Real" Bitterns

Made from the making of Masu 100% Sea water Sea Salt by the Togo Family

Our Liquid Nigari has been slowly extracted directly from the mineral-rich coral sea water which surrounds the Southernmost island of Ishigaki in Okinawa. Excellent for making extra silky delicious tofu as it is incredibly pure and concentrated, and unlike the flakes it is easier and quicker to use.

Name Product Id Price Quantity
Mitoku Nigari Flakes - 1 lb. 89004 =Out-of Stock, Until 12/15   $2.49  
Mitoku Nigari Flakes - 5 lb. 89001 =Out-of-Stock, Until 12/15   $10.99  
Mitoku Nigari Flakes - 44 lb. 87999 =Out-Of Stock, Until 12/15   $75.80  
Liquid Nigari - 4.06 oz/120ml 99007 =No Longer Available   $15.69  
Home Tofu Kit 88480   $37.80  

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