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 A Tradition of Integrity 
Natural Import Company exists to provide only the very highest quality natural foods available.

As the supply and distribution of natural foods has become controlled by large publicly held companies there has been a significant erosion in product quality. Artisanal natural foods can not be produced in massive quantities to suit mass market distribution.

The primary focus of the large natural food chains is no different than their mass market counterparts: price is more important than quality. Large scale factory farms are producing "organic" foods in the same manner that large scale mass market farms are. There is no adherence to conscious soil enrichment programs or any concern about long term sustainable agricultural practices; just the minimum required to pass the "watered down" government organic standards.

That is why arsenic laden seaweeds from China have replaced the traditional Japanese seaweeds that have been grown in protected areas of Japan for centuries.

That is why most grains and beans available in natural food stores today are coming from third world countries with dubious organic standards.

That is why properly fermented long term aged medicinal shoyu and tamari are rarely found on store shelves any longer.

That is why artisanal family produced Japanese miso is now so hard to find in natural food stores.

We will never compromise our quality standards for a lower price. You may purchase these foods with the knowledge that they are the very best available anywhere and that they are grown, produced and created by actual families.

Bruce S. Macdonald

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Natural Import Company

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