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 Ingredient Statement - Quality without Compromise...Always... 

Natural Import Company never cuts corners when it comes to food quality. In choosing products we do all the homework. We never have and never will carry any products with refined white sugar, white flour, preservatives, dyes/coloring agents, chemicals or additives of any kind. Our products are often organic or Yuuki-grown, hand-made in small batches and are selected for their highest quality and social integrity. We have a company policy not to carry any products originating from China or India and all of our products contain absolutly no GMO or altered ingredients. Quality without compromise is our promise when selecting artisanal foods for you and your family.


Mitoku's motto is "Food Is Medicine." Many traditional Japanese foods, such as miso, shoyu, green tea, shiitake and maitake mushrooms, kuzu, and umeboshi, have long been prized in the East for their medicinal qualities. Over the years, we have seen scientific research verify the beneficial effects of these foods on even such degenerative diseases as cancer and heart disease.

Mitoku has long been involved in the organic foods movement, and in more recent years, has become involved in opposing the proliferation of genetically engineered foods. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality, even in the face of increasingly severe sales competition from products made by quicker, cheaper, mass production methods. After 52 years, Mitoku remains strongly dedicated to the goal of supplying the best quality foods for individual and environmental health.

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