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 The Story of Our Logo 

Our company logo is one of the 8 Auspicious Tibetan Symbols. It represents several pillars of the ancient art of Feng Shui, also known in the West as Geomancy. Sacred Durva Grass representing abundance and enlightenment fill a petal shaped base symbolizing the beauty and longevity of the lotus leaves. Each of the 12 crisscrossing grass stalks corresponds to one each of the zodiac animals in the oriental astrology cycle. It is said that Buddha became enlightened under the Bodi Tree while sitting atop a mat made of durva grass. And as legend has it, following a spiritual cosmic storm, dew from the cosmos settled on the blades of durva grass, alluring the seductive snake to slither onto the field to lick the cosmic mist. In doing so it is said that the snake cut himself on the sharp blades of grass and has since forever possessed a forked-tongue.

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Natural Import Company

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