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Mitoku Authentic Mikawa Mirin

Japanese Sweet Rice Wine

Mirin is the secret ingredient in authentic Japanese cuisine. An exquisite, versatile seasoning, mirin's mild sweetness complements savory seasonings such as shoyu and miso. The Sumiya family is the last of the traditional Mirin makers. Their organic Mikawa Mirin is the finest in all of Japan. It is naturally aged over 9 months to create an unmatched gentle sweetness, a rare, magical quality that enhances and harmonizes delicate flavors. Enjoy this truly authentic mirin, a treat rarely seen even on store shelves in Japan!  kosher

    Name Product Id Price Quantity
    Mitoku Mikawa Mirin - 10 oz. 89322   $8.99  
    Mitoku Mikawa Mirin - 32 oz. 89321   $27.35  
    Mitoku Mikawa Mirin - 1 Gallon 89320   $102.05  
    Mitoku Mikawa Mirin - 5.3 Gallon 89325   $534.15  
    Insert For 5oz. & 10 oz. 9009   $0.08  

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