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Mitoku Dried Bonito Flakes

Shaved Fish Flakes

Said to be the backbone of Japanese cuisine, Bonito Flakes or "katsuobushi" come from smoked Skipjack Tuna which has been cut in half and then dried until it becomes like a piece of driftwood. It is then shaved into thin flakes to be used as the base for Japanese soup stock. This creates the basic and essential flavor of Japanese cooking. Our Mitoku Bonito is naturally-cured for about 6 months. Large Bonito Flakes are ideal for making "dashi" or Japanese soup stock. The small flakes make a rich stock for noodles or miso soup or can be used to sprinkle atop dishes such as hiyayakko, a popular cold-tofu dish or for adding extra flavor to Japanese nabe (pot) dishes. Known as the "Flavor of Japan," Bonito is an ingredient Japanese cooks wouldn't dare be without.

      Name Product Id Price Quantity
      Mitoku Dried Bonito Small Flakes - 5 pk/.87 oz. 88402   $6.89  
      Mitoku Dried Bonito Large Flakes - 1.76 oz. 88403   $7.59  

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