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Authentic Japanese Miso
Japanese Soybean Paste

We offer naturally fermented miso aged in wooden casks using a traditional koji culture and time-honored production methods. Soybeans in their original form are very difficult to digest and assimilate. The fermentation process enables the superior nutritional characteristics of the soybean to be assimilated readily by the system. Miso is ideal for vegetarians who need high quality protein in their diets. The different kinds of miso, i.e. rice (genmai and kome), barley (mugi) and soybean (hatcho) refers to the grain that has been inoculated with koji before it is blended with the soybeans. The use of whole, premium ingredients and unhurried, natural aging in seasoned wooden casks give Mitoku misos and soy sauces depth of character and health benefits that cannot be duplicated by accelerated, high temperature incubation in plastic, stainless steel or fiberglass tanks.

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