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Mitoku Pickled Shiso Leaves
Japanese Pickled Perilla Leaves

An herb that is related to mint, shiso has a slight lemony taste yet a unique flavor of its own. Its red, heart-shaped leaves are reminiscent of red meat, hence comes one of its English names, "beefsteak plant." Besides adding color and flavor to umeboshi, shiso has strong antibacterial and preservative qualities both in the pickling process and on the person who eats them.

Mitoku Shiso Powder
Japanese 100% Dried Perilla Powder

Mitoku Shiso Powder is made from freshly ground shiso leaves and is a tangy seasoning and colorful garnish for sushi or atop rice or noodles as a sprinkle. Shiso condiment helps the body to maintain an alkaline condition.

Mitoku Ume-Shiso Sprinkle
Japanese Dried Perilla & Ume Powder

Shiso momiji is a traditional Japanese condiment that is a delicious and healthful alternative to table salt. Made from iron-rich shiso (perilla herb) leaves, Shiso Condiment is made with fresh shiso leaves that are first pickled with umeboshi then sun-dried and powdered.

    Name Product Id Price Quantity
    Mitoku Pickled Shiso Leaves - 2.8 oz. 88372   $4.45  
    Mitoku Shiso Powder - 1.76 oz. 88373   $4.06  
    Mitoku Ume Shiso Sprinkle - 1.76 oz. 89371   $3.49  

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