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Mitoku Sun-Dried Lotus Root Slices
Japanese Lotus Root

In Japan, lotus root has long been considered one of the most precious and medicinal vegetables. The root is a variety of water lily. It grows in deep mud in still ponds. Lotus root is usually prepared in dried form. Fresh lotus may be sliced into many wonderful shapes, and its hollow inner chambers are a beautiful geometrical wonder of nature. Dried, ground root of the esteemed Asian water lily, treasured for contributing to respiratory health. kosher

Mitoku Organic Sun-Dried Daikon

Japanese Dried White Radish

Giant white radish (daikon) is the most popular vegetable in Japan, and Japanese cooking is impossible to imagine without it. Mitoku Organic Sun-Dried Daikon is made the traditional way, by simply shredding the fresh daikon and leaving it to dry in the sun during the clear, dry days of winter. After shredding, it is laid out on rice mats (tatami) to dry outside in the sun for several weeks.

Name Product Id Price Quantity
Mitoku Dried Lotus Slices - 1.76 oz. 89401   $8.39  
Organic Dried Daikon - 3.5 oz. 88398   $6.79  

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