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Mitoku Yukiguni Maitake
Japanese "Dancing" Mushroom

Mushrooms have been treasured throughout the Orient for centuries for preserving health, curing disease, and maintaining vitality. Maitake (Grifola frondosa) are considered the king of mushrooms because they are not only a scientifically proven potent medicinal food, they are also a prized culinary delicacy. Maitake literally means "dancing mushroom" in Japanese, because people who found it deep in the mountains began dancing with joy. The Yukiguni Company is the most famous and respected medicinal mushroom grower in Japan. Mitoku Yukiguni Maitake is also a culinary treasure and is exceptionally delicious!

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      Mitoku Yukiguni Maitake - 1.05 oz. 88424 =No Longer Available   $7.29  

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