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Other Sea Vegetables 
Ichiban & Ao Nori Flakes 

Ichiban is the term used in Japan when something is top-shelf or literally, "Number One." Therefore Ichiban Green Nori Flakes are the very highest grade available. Gathered wild from sheltered inland waters, it was collected as a part of the annual taxation levied on local fishermen for use in sacred offerings at Shinto ceremonies, and in the refined tea ceremony banquets of the imperial court. Today Ao-Nori is a popular seasoning and condiment used to flavor a great variety of foods. Mitoku Ichiban Ao-Nori comes from Japan's central Pacific shoreline. It is gathered using seeding nets spread along shallows and coastal lagoons. This Ichiban Ao-Nori grows only where the ocean mixes with fresh river water. The fronds are dried in the sun, and crumbled into aromatic, emerald green flakes.

Ingredients: Japanese blue-green nori flakes: ao-nori (Enteromorpha species). Ichiban/Highest Grade.

Ao-Nori is a delicious, versatile culinary herb from the sea. Like many of Japan's most prized foods, Ao-Nori was once a tasty luxury reserved for the elite classes. Sprinkle this delicious, sun-dried sea vegetable over grains, noodles, soups and salads. Ao-Nori also richly seasons soups, stews and casseroles. It's the perfect topping for fried noodles, tofu or mixed into tempura batter, as it adds a colorful gourmet touch. Most popular when sprinkled atop "yakisoba."

Ingredients: Japanese blue-green nori flakes: ao-nori (Enteromorpha species).

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