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Barley Koji 

For Delicious Homemade Mugi Miso

Mitoku Barley Koji is made from the finest quality selected barley, which is steamed, then inoculated with spores of Aspergillus Oryzae mold, and incubated under strictly controlled conditions. The koji is left to develop for approximately 48 hours, after which it is covered with an intricate bloom of mold filaments. It is then taked out and dried quickly, to preserve it for use in making the finest country-style mugi miso.

In Japan, for centuries barley has been used to prepare the richest, heartiest miso, and this tradition still persists in rural areas today. Each area, each village, and even each household has its own particular recipe which is treasured for its special taste and aroma.

Start your own tradition of miso making, using this special concentrated dried koji. All you need to add is cooked soybeans and salt.

For further details on making mugi miso, please refer to the "Book of Miso", by Shurteff and Aoyagi. (Autumn Press & Ballantine).

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