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The publisher, Natural Import Company, presents this information for educational purposes only! We are not making any attempt to prescribe any medical treatment, since under the laws of the United States only a licensed medical doctor (an MD) can do so.
Dr. Chang's Taoist Herbal Formulas
For over 30 years I have been importing and distributing macrobiotic quality foods to America. Although I have personally witnessed many cases of various diseases being arrested through the use of medicinal quality foods, I have seen few cases where the diseases have been completely eradicated. In fact there have been numerous cases of people developing cancer and other degenerative diseases while practicing macrobiotics and other so-called health food diets. The modern foods we eat, even those that are organically grown, lack the vitality to rebuild the immune system. A healthy immune system is the key component to a disease free and healthy body.

There is also considerable evidence from the Far East that the immune system can be rebuilt and enhanced utilizing herbal formulas. In this modern polluted world our immune systems are under attack like never before. It is essential for lasting health that our diets be supplemented with herbal combinations. While herbal combinations are effective against various diseases, their most important attribute is their ability to strengthen the entire body so that diseases can be avoided - true preventative medicine. A strong immune system will readily eliminate harmful germs and negate viruses.
More and more evidence suggests that many physical problems are attributed to various parasites and their toxic waste products poisoning our blood. Since these parasites feed on the same food that we do, it is impossible to eradicate them through the use of diet alone. It was discovered thousands of years ago that herbs exhibit certain attributes that are fundamentally anathema to parasites. Parasites cannot tolerate certain herbs and thus won't feed on them. The result is that the parasites starve to death in the presence of these herbs and lose their ability to reproduce. Any physical problems or diseases relating to parasitic influences can only be completely eradicated by the regular consumption of selected herbal formulas. Pharmaceutical drugs may be able to kill grown parasites but they will have no effect upon their unborn eggs. Thus drugs represent only a temporary cure and also poison the body with their toxic side effects. There are two fundamental precepts about herbology which must be explained.
First, there has been fundamental understanding about the efficacy of herbalism for over 5000 years. The ancient Taoists identified that herbs must be taken in combination because single herbs are unbalanced and thus produce side effects. Approximately 700 combinations were formulated and their effectiveness was verified by the ancient Taoists. These combinations were approved for public use only after a thorough examination as to their efficacy and only after it was determined that these formulas were completely non-toxic even after prolonged usage. There has not been a significant new herbal formula combination discovered in over 1000 years. This is an ancient science which has been proven effective on human beings through the millennia.

Second, the most significant and important advancement in herbology has been the discovery of modern extraction and freeze dried techniques. Extraction releases and concentrates the medicinal healing properties of herbs. It should be noted however, that the medicinal aspects of herbs must be extracted according to the nature of the herb itself. For example, the medicinal components of ginseng must be extracted using alcohol; a water extraction of ginseng would not yield anything of value. For each herb it must be determined which is the proper medium for extraction; water, alcohol or oil. Once the extraction medium has been determined, the optimal length of time and temperature for the extraction must be known in order to elicit the maximum medicinal qualities of the herbs. Every herb has a "peak profile" which means that their potency peaks only during specific seasons, dates and times.

The 46 formulas listed in The Great Tao book are the only extracted herbal formulas on the market today which are formulated exactly in accordance with the above mentioned ancient Taoist formulating techniques combined with state of the art extraction and freeze dried techniques. These combinations can correct abnormal conditions when they exist and strengthen the body when abnormal conditions do not exist. No other herbal product line on the market today can compare in terms of authenticity, potency and effectiveness.

-Bruce Macdonald
Name Price Quantity
BD-206 Relaxing Combination Tea
Hyperactivity, Insomnia, Muscular Dystrophy
BP-408 Facial Combination Tea
Acne, Skin Problems
FP-601 Ocean Combination Tea
Food Allergies, Food poisoning

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