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Hato Mugi Vinegar 
Mitoku Hato Mugi Vinegar is a superb, 100% natural seasoning for salad dressings, marinades, and much more. Its superbly smooth, mellow flavor and delicate bouquet make it the ideal choice for preparing healthy and delicious sunomono, the popular Japanese vinegared salad. It can also be enjoyed in any way you use other types of vinegar. Traditionally made by the Yokoi family using only hato mugi grain, water, and a natural koji culture, this exceptional vinegar slowly matures for more than twelve months, until it has achieved a perfectly balanced taste. Prized as a health food, Hato Mugi Vinegar is also revered in Japan as a wonderful beauty aid for keeping women's skin clear and beautiful. Like all Mitoku vinegar, it contains no preservatives, sugar, alcohol or coloring.

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