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More Health Benefits of Miso 
Health Benefits of Hatcho Miso 

Although the health benefits of miso are many, it is miso's anti-cancer and probiotic characteristics that have attracted the most attention. Large, long-term population studies in Japan revealed that people who eat miso soup daily were statistically less likely to get several types of cancer and other chronic diseases. Miso is usually made from soybeans and a grain, such as rice or barley, however, research has revealed that it is the soybean component of miso that is most important in fighting cancer. Soybeans are high in essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and saponins, cholesterol-like plant compounds. All of these compounds are involved in preventing and curing cancer. However, the silver bullet of soy is naturally occurring bioactive compounds called isoflavones, such as daidzein and genistein. Isoflavones deliver a one-two punch to cancer cells by first cutting off their blood supply and then interfering with their reproductive cycle. Unable to get nourishment and reproduce, cancer cells die and are reabsorbed by the body.

Although the benefits of soy foods such as soy milk have been touted in the press for over a decade, it is a little known fact that miso and other fermented soy foods have more than twenty times the isoflavone concentration of unfermented soy foods such as soy powders, soy milk and tofu. Moreover, since most of miso's anti-cancer agents are found in the fermented soybean, Hatcho is considered the most medicinal, because it is made from only fermented soybeans, salt and water.

Because of its high soybean content, Hatcho miso is a very concentrated source of nutrition. It contains eighty percent more protein and twenty to twenty-five percent less salt than long-aged rice and barley misos. Moreover, it is a source of essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins; is low in calories and fat; and has five times the fiber of an equal amount of celery.

Yet another key to miso's effectiveness as a medicine can be found in the unique lactobacillus fermentation process by which it is made. Not only does this process produce more isoflavones, but numerous studies have shown that fermentation of food with lactobacilli increases the quantity, availability, digestibility and assimilability of nutrients while promoting a healthy pH in the digestive system. What's more, lactobacillus fermentation kills dangerous pathogens both in the foods before they are eaten and in the intestines.

Because Hatcho miso is made very dry and contains less carbohydrates and more protein than other misos, such as rice or barley miso, it can be packaged in a sealed bag without the need for pasteurization. Hatcho miso can be stored for years in a cool place without fear of the package expanding or the friendly micro-organisms losing their vitality.

There are many types of miso on the market, and they all have their unique color, flavor and character. However, if your primary consideration for eating miso is health, Hatcho miso may be your best choice.

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