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  • Eating Animals: Would George Ohsawa and Michio Kushi Be Vegan Today?
Eating Animals: Would George Ohsawa and Michio Kushi Be Vegan Today?
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0A good review of Ohsawa's 7 levels of judgment as well as a 7-part glimpse of vegan vs non-vegan macrobioticsForeword


This powerful, scholarly, and comprehensive work is based on George
Ohsawa’s perspective of the 7 Levels of Judgment and Michio Kushi's Levels
of Consciousness. It also supports the basic principles in macrobiotic
philosophy of making balance with our environment, both internal and external.
Given the destruction of the environment, especially the pollution of air
and water from the promotion of a meat-based diet/culture, it is most important
to spread information that supports a plant-based vegan diet as a necessary
behavioral change for sustaining the health of the planet and all life
upon it!
In my own personal life and in my practice as a physician I have witnessed
remarkable incidences of reversal of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis
and even cancers through the practice of these macrobiotic principles.
According to an article written by Phiya Kushi, one of Michio Kushi's
sons, Michio became vegan in his later years in order to address his own
health issues resulting from years of a stressful lifestyle. He experienced
great benefits from doing so, and without a doubt would encourage others to
do so!
Such changes individually and globally support the current needs of the
planet to make balance in the face of climate change and global upheavals
politically and environmentally.
I have been personally and professionally promoting these principles
since the late 70's, studying and working with Michio and Aveline. In the
early 80's, along with Eleanor Levy of Boston University, we worked with a
group of men with AIDS and found improvements in the T-Cell counts using
these principles of macrobiotics. We took our data to the first AIDS
Eating Animals 3
Conference in Paris in 1987, resulting in the book Aids, Macrobiotics and
Natural Immunity.
My evolvement in promoting my own health and the health of my patients
has been both exciting and rewarding. I invite all to seriously study
the information presented in this remarkable article and to embrace this lifestyle
for the sake of their own health, the health of the planet, and the health
of future generations!
—Martha Clayton Cottrell, M.D.

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