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Other Japanese Teas 
Kukicha - Japanese Roasted Twig Tea  

One of only a few organic tea producers in all of Japan, the Nagata family also grows this unique tea on their remote mountaintop plantation. Mitoku Organic Brown Rice Kukicha is a delicious tea with a delightfully nutty flavor and aroma.

A thirst-quenching yet delicate beverage made from the select twigs and stems of carefully nurtured green tea bushes that have matured at least three years before cutting. The clippings are sun-dried for up to a week, then precisely roasted according to size and combined with a small percentage of roasted tea leaves. Mild and soothing, Mitoku Kukicha is an ideal drink for children and adults alike, at any time of day. Drink hot in winter or add lemon for a refreshing, clean taste, or in summer serve chilled with apple juice. Lowest in caffeine of all traditional Japanese green teas.

Genmai-Cha (Roasted Twig & Green Tea with Brown Rice)

Genmai-Cha, Aromatic, jade-green tea leaves and roasted green tea twigs carefully mixed with gently toasted whole rice grains: sharp, bitter clarity and rich, warm sweetness. The perfect blend, worthy of the ancient tea-masters of traditional Japan. 100% natural. Perfect for O-Chazuke!

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