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Other Japanese Teas 
Medicinal Teas 

Maintaining internal warmth is essential for human life. Perhaps this is why tea is regarded as a source for healing. Many herbs need to be heated and steeped before their medicinal properties become activated. Teas have strong astringent characteristics ideal for cleaning and refreshing our skin, blood and arteries. They have both calming and stimulating effects. The teas offered below are specialty Japanese teas that have many beneficial, medicinal qualities.

MUGICHA - Japanse Roasted Barley Tea

Mitoku "Mugicha" or roasted barley tea is a traditional drink that has been a favorite for centuries in the Far East. Naturally caffeine-free, its mellow, soothing flavor can be enjoyed by everyone at any time of day. Served chilled in summer, it is delightfully cooling and refreshing. In winter, hot Mugicha is both warming and relaxing. The barley in Mitoku Mugicha Tea bags is "yuuki" grown in Japan. It produces a light, cooling effect and is especially beneficial for the liver and gallbladder.

HOKKAIDO KOMBU DRINK - Japanese "Kombu-Cha" Tea

Kombu is an essential sea vegetable for the Japanese. On Hokkaido Island, the center for kombu collecting, kombu is sun-dried and ground into powder, then combined with shoyu and natural brown rice malt to make Mitoku Hokkaido Kombu Drink, a popular warming and nourishing beverage. Kombu is known in the world as the "king of seaweeds" as it absorbs nutrients from its large porous fronds, which then travel to its vast root, making this the ultimate blood strengthener. Mitoku "Kombu-Cha" is finally here after popular demand! It is said by our customers to be the natural viagra... This tea is currently Unavailable


This foxtail-like plant grows beneath the warmer waters of the Atlantic and Pacific. It is traditionally prepared as a tea to relieve intestinal parasites. In Japan it is known as makuri. In the old days, schoolchildren in Japan were given makuri tea once a month to safeguard their health. Mitoku "Makuri" (Corsican Seaweed Tea) is completely safe. This tea is currently Unavailable


Dandelion is the king of wild grasses. It has a bitter, yet slightly sweet taste and gives the system a very strong and potent energy. Mitoku "Yansen," a unique concentrated liquid, is carefully prepared by gently boiling down the liquid extract from wild dandelion roots. Traditionally used to strengthen the heart and small intestine function and increase vitality. Use sparingly in hot kukicha or hot water to make a health-giving drink. One tablespoon of dandelion root concentrate to one quart of water. This tea is currently Unavailable

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