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Other Misos 
Natto Miso Chutney 

There is no traditional food made in the West that compares to miso. Due to the wondrous medicinal attributes of traditionally aged miso, it is no wonder that it continues to gain in popularity. The creation of fine miso is no less complex than the making of fine wine or cheese. Each region of Japan produces a different type of miso reflecting the unique cultural and environmental characteristics of that particular area. The Japanese long ago realized that cooked soybeans, without being subjected to the fermentation process, are virtually indigestible by humans. The fermentation process used in miso production is miraculous as it seamlessly breaks down the indigestible protein of soybeans to readily assimilable amino acids. Koji spores acting on brown rice or barley form a culture that transforms soybeans into an ideal meatless, protein rich superfood. As the scholar William Shurtleff so eloquently describes in The Book of Miso -..."a near-miraculous world in which tiny spores burst into blossom like elegant and complex flowers, enzymes reach out inquisitively like long fingers melting solid particles at their touch, and populations of mold explode until they have totally enveloped the foods or "substrates" which support their life"...Oh, the miracle of fermentation!

Natto Miso Chutney is no ordinary miso. It is the traditional chutney of rural southern Japan by the famous Marukura Family. They are known for their delicious and homemade koji (spores), which give their products an unbeatable taste. Natto Miso Chutney is a relish that's delectably savory yet sweet with a chunky texture derived from the unique blend of ingredients: country-style barley miso, slivered kombu, piquant ginger, and natural barley malt. Natto Miso is enjoyed as a seasoning for rice, or as a topping for baked or broiled or deep-fried tofu or mochi. It also makes a delicious, wholesome spread for bread or crackers. You'll soon see why it is known as "Finger Lickin' Miso" or namémiso. Aged 30 Days.

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