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Natto-Moto (Natto Spores) Instructions 
Takahashi Nattomoto

Soybeans 1kg, Sterilized water 10ml,
One spoon of Nattomoto powder (0.1g) - A special spoon is in the box.

1. Wash the soybeans and soak for 9 hours (Summer) to 12 hours (Winter).
2. Drain and boil the soybeans for 9 hours on the stove (or use a pressure
cooker) till the soybeans are soft. If the beans are done, it is easy to break it
with your fingers. If you use the pressure cooker, please follow the
3. Drain and place the beans in the pot.
4. Dissolve one special spoon of Nattomoto(0.1g) in the sterilized water 10ml
5. Put Nattomoto solution on the beans and stir them up carefully with a
sterilized spoon. (Beans are still warm.)
6. Put the beans in a container. Do not put a lot of beans for one container. 3
layers each container at the most. If you drop beans on the table, DO NOT
put them in the container. Every process has to be clean.
7. Put sterilized cloth on the container and put on a lid .
8. Preheat the oven or a warmer (KOTATSU) to 100F degrees(38C degrees)
9. Place the container in a 100F(38C) to 103F(40C) degree oven or warmer. Let the natto ferment for 22 to 24 hours.
10. Remove from the oven (or the warmer), remove the lid (keep the cloth in
place) and put it in a refrigerator for one night. Then, Natto is done.

A. Every Processes and all cooking instruments have to be sterilized. Boil these cooking tools before the process.

B. You can make the sterilized water at home. Boil the water for 5-10 minutes and cool down and use it for the process.

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