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 Recipes for Wasabi 
Japanese Green Horseradish - Mitoku Wasabi

As Japan is a rather isolated island country it has always been a fish-eating culture. Fresh fish and seafood is both abundant and delicious. Japanese are the only people that eat raw fish in the form of sushi and sashimi (which is fish with no rice added). Highly skilled sushi chef's cutting techniques are considered an art form. So is the way that the chefs handle the preparation of the fish. With the addition of a little wasabi, the possible toxic side-effects of raw fish are neutralized and counteracted. Therefore, wasabi has always been an essential ingredient when eating raw fish. Wasabi, Japanese horseradish, is a very hot aromatic green spice and has become one of the most important traditional spices in all of Japan. It is a small green plant that grows along clear mountain streams. Its roots are gathered, naturally dried and ground into a fine powder. The well thought out appropriate use of Wasabi is proof that the Japanese have arguably some of the most noted and refined culinary culture and remarkable cooking procedures in all of the world.

Uses: An indispensable accompaniment to sashimi and sushi, or add to shoyu or tamari for a spicy dipping sauce, use to spice-up kamaboko (fish cakes), rice/soup condiments & salad dressings.

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