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More Health Benefits 
Chinese and Japanese Remedies Using Green Tea 

Green tea applications have a long history in many countries where this tea is cultivated. The following are a few suggestions. Mitoku does not recommend these remedies as a substitute for professional medical advice. If you have any of the conditions listed below, check with your personal health care provider before using these recommendations.

Green tea used for cooking and external medicinal application is stronger then tea brewed for drinking. (See preparation instructions under "Cooking with Green Tea.") Also, do not discard brewed tea used for drinking or leftover tea leaves, because these can be used for some of the remedies below.

o Cool and heal sunburned skin by soaking a towel in cold green tea and placing it on the affected area of the body.
o Use green tea to ease itching and swelling.
o Use strong tea as a disinfectant on cuts and bruises.
o Use strong tea to treat athlete's foot. Bathe the foot twice a day for ten minutes for up to several weeks.
o Press rehydrated tea leaves on teeth to reduce the pain of toothache.
o Chewing rehydrated tea leaves cleanses the breath.
o Soak a towel in warm tea, and place the towel on tired eyes to refresh them.
o Wash the face with warm tea to reduce skin rashes and pimples.
o Rinse washed hair with strong tea for shine and softness.
o Bathing in mint flavored green tea during hot weather has a refreshing and cooling effect.

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