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Other Japanese Condiments 
Japanese Condiments 
Mitoku Black and Golden Sesame Seeds

Whole black sesame seeds, known as kuro goma in Japanese are indispensable for authentic Japanese cuisine. These black sesame seeds are 100% pure and are not coated with any artificial dyes. They may be toasted to bring out their full flavor and aroma and goodness or crushed to make fresh homemade gomashio (sesame-salt sprinkle).

"Special-Quality" Golden Sesame Seeds have an incredibly smooth and silky texture. As they are semi-moist and not as strong or nutty tasting as other varieties, they are ideal for grinding into sesame butter or for making a rich tasting gomashio or dressing.

Gomashio Recipe:

  • In a skillet, toast three tablespoons of sesame seeds over low heat until each seed is heated through and plump about 1-2 mins.
  • In a Suribachi mortar or Mitoku "Slicky" gomashio grinder, lightly grind the seeds.
  • Add one teaspoon Masu 100% Sea Water Salt and let cool to room temperature.

*NOTE: Once sesame seeds are toasted their oil begins to oxidize, so it is best to toast them upon use. Homemade gomashio is unparalleled in this respect, therefore we encourage you to make your own. Gomashio is easy to make and fresh tasting!

Click Here to see Cookware Items Needed for making your own Gomashio at Home!

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