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Mitoku "Bifun" Rice Noodles
Japanese Clear Noodles

Mitoku Bifun is a wheat-free traditional Chinese-style noodle. Light and versatile, Bifun is great in noodle salads, clear soups, or stir-fried with tofu, tempeh, or seitan and fresh, seasonal vegetables.

Mitoku Kagoshima 100% Wild Kuzu Noodles

Japanese Wild Vine Noodles

Kagoshima Authentic Kuzu Noodles are the only kuzu noodles made with 100% real kuzu. They are delicious and great fun, adding a unique touch to one-pot favorites like nabe and sukiyaki. They're delightful deep fried and go well with most traditional meals. They make wonderful transparent salads as well. (No Longer kosher kosher)

Eden Mung Bean Pasta

Japanese Harusame Clear Noodles

Thin, translucent noodles made of 100% mung bean starch. They cook in 3 to 4 minutes. A popular noodle in Asia often used in soups. Their creamy, chewy texture adds delight to soups and salads. Delicious seasoned with Eden Soy Sauce, a dash of Eden Brown Rice Vinegar, Mirin, and Toasted Sesame Oil, or drizzled with ponzu. A good source of iron. Very low sodium with no salt added. Gluten free.

Name Product Id Price Quantity
Mitoku Wild Kuzu Noodles - 3.5 oz. 88185   $9.93  
Eden Mung Bean Pasta - 2.4 oz. 08460   $4.69  

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