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Japanese Traditional Cooking Donabe
Japanese Earthenware Pot

Japanese earthenware is a form of pottery made from clay that is fired in a large kiln at a very high temperature. Nabemono, or pot cooking in traditional earthenware pottery, is the world's oldest and most natural way of cooking. Perfect for making yudofu (simmered tofu dish), and other delicious, winter pot dishes, such as nabeyaki-udon (pot-boiled noodles) or casseroles. In Japan, everyone gathers around the table and pot-dishes are served "family-style" straight from the donabe, piping hot for all to enjoy.

Japanese Traditional Clay Suribachi
Japanese Serrated Mortar
A Japanese Suribachi is a earthenware mortar with a clay serrated interior surface. Almost every Japanese kitchen is equipped with a suribachi and surikogi (wooden pestle) for grinding seeds and herbs or puréeing. Suribachi are most widely popular for grinding sesame seeds and salt to make fresh gomashio (sesame salt).
Japanese Cedar Surikogi
Traditional Wooden Pestle
This traditionally-crafted Japanese wooden pestle is the accompaniment to the suribachi listed above. Wood is the ideal material to match your earthenware suribachi, as it is a natural substance and will not scratch the surface of the serrated mortar.
Name Product Id Price Quantity
Suribachi -Small-6.102"/15.5cm 88486    $5.79  
Suribachi -Medium-7.283"/18.5cm 88487   $8.59  
Suribachi -Large-9.645"/25.5cm 88488   $19.95  
Surikogi - Wooden Pestle-9.5"/24cm 88491   $4.79  

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