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Mac Chrome-Molydenum Steel Knives

Mac contemporary kitchen knives were born from the ancient, samurai tradition. They combine revolutionary sharpness and durability with a innovative design for cutting efficiency and safety. These are the sharpest, most rugged, multi-use kitchen knives ever made for home or professional use...and they never need sharpening, just occasionally touch-up by passing the cutting blade across a ceramic sharpening rod and the knives will hold their sharpness for years and years. Beautiful, enduring and safe; they are uniquely designed to keep your fingers clear of the cutting board. Each knife's handle is bonded to the steel, a masterpiece of precision and superb craftsmanship. With the proper treatment and good care, these knives will last a lifetime.

History & Tradition of Crafting Knives

It was in 1229, when the sword smith Motoshige created for the first time the traditional Japanese sword called Katana used by Samurai warriors. For the next 770 years a small town in Gufu Prefecture has been the main provider of fighting swords for the whole of Japan. Since then, the same century-old skill has been used to produce handcrafted knives, which are known for their high quality all over the world. Mitoku's Mac knives have been manufactured according to the same time-honored technique; The blade is handcrafted and sharpened by master craftsmen. Achieving a very thin blade , gives the knife an extraordinary sharpness and longevity. Designed for easy-to-use, for professional as well as everyday use.

  Name Product Id Price Quantity
  Mac Paring Knife - MI-P - 5.5""
Made with High-Carbon chrome-molydenum steel, handle made of Japanese Ebony Teak wood.

Best suited for peeling fruits and cheese, or cutting up small vegetables. Also useful for cutting round foods, such as pies, cakes, pizza, etc.

88509 =No Longer Available   $29.00  
  Mac Utility Knife - MI-U - 6.5""
Made with High-Carbon chrome-molydenum steel, handle made of Japanese Ebony Teak wood.

Best suited for fish and slicing meat.

88510 =No Longer Available   $39.00  

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