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Mitoku Authentic Rice Malt
Japanese Traditional Rice Sweetener

Mitoku Rice Malt is made the traditional way. There is no rushing this delicate process. The result is a superior sweetener, rich yet subtle and irresistibly sweet. Try Mitoku Rice Malt as a gentle versatile sweetener in all your favorite desserts and baked goods, as well as in salad dressings and dips, candied yams or carrots and hot drinks. Enjoy!

Mitoku Authentic Brown Rice Malt
Japanese Traditional Sweetener

Mitoku Authentic Brown Rice Malt is completely hand-crafted, using only premium whole brown rice and sprouted barley. Mr. Uchida Toka's recipe is the inspiration behind these incredible malts. This magical process is accomplished still utilizing an old time-honored, slow procedure. The result of this extraordinary care is a superb sweetener, rich yet subtly sweet. No laboratory-produced enzymes are employed, just sprouted goodness. The ultimate sweetener!

Name Product Id Price Quantity
Mitoku Rice Malt - 10.5 oz. 88427   $6.74  
Mitoku Rice Malt - 21 oz. 88426 =Out-of-Stock, Until 7/1   $11.49  
Mitoku Brown Rice Malt - 10.5 oz. 88429 =Out-of-Stock, Until 5/9   $7.19  
Mitoku Brown Rice Malt - 21 oz. 88428 =Out-of-Stock, Until 5/9   $12.55  
Eden OG Barley Malt -20 oz. 04050   $6.59  

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