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Specialty Seaweeds
Rare Japanese Seaweed Products

The elderly people of Japan are a true testament to the wide benefits of the traditional foods of their diet. Many older Japanese still do hard work well into their 70's and even 80's. They are healthy and strong both mentally and physically. The Japanese have long known that seaweeds contain far more minerals than any other vegetables from the soil kingdom. From this they created seaweed products, such as sprouts, shaved, concentrated (cooked-down), and powder forms to supplement health and taste. We are particularly pleased to be able to offer you these rare, unique and extremely mineral-rich sea vegetables.

  Name Product Id Price Quantity
  Instant Wakame Flakes - 1.76 oz. 88090   $6.59  
  Maine Coast Organic Dulse - 2 oz. 96000   $8.29  
  Maine Coast Smoked Dulse - 2 oz. 96106 =Out-of-Stock   $8.39  
  Dulse Granules Shaker-1.5 oz. 96100   $3.75  
  Maine Coast Kelp - 2 oz. 96002    $6.39  
  Kelp Granules Shaker - 1.05 oz. 96101    $3.75  

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