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Mitoku Organic Umeboshi Plums

Japanese Pickled Plums

Mitoku Organic Umeboshi Plums are grown in the renowned area of Wakayama in Southwestern Japan. Wakayama is blessed with numerous rolling hills and the perfect climate for ume cultivation. Thanks to the Kuroshio Current which brings warm water from Okinawa, these plums enjoy a long year-round mild temperature and abundant sunshine. The result is a rich, complex flavor and an appealing round shape.

Mitoku Ryujin Organic Umeboshi

Ryujin Organic Umeboshi are delicious, tart-salty pickled Japanese plums that are entirely hand-made by the traditional method. Exceptionally flavorful, the Ume plums used are the immature fruit that are pickled in sea salt for up to a year. Shiso (perilla) leaves are added to impart its deep red color. kosher

Mitoku Traditional Umeboshi Plums

Due to the fact that Mitoku Traditional Umeboshi Plums are aged longer (approx. 3 years), they are the most mild tasting of all the umeboshi we offer. kosher

  • Ume
  • Umeboshi Plums
Name Product Id Price Quantity
Mitoku OG Ume Plums - 6 oz./170g 89333   $9.49  
Mitoku OG Ume Plums - 2.2 lb. 89331   $51.69  
Mitoku OG Ume Plums - 11 lb. 89339   $212.99  
Mitoku OG Ryujin Ume Plums - 5.29 oz./150g 88337   $9.59  
Mitoku OG Ryujin Ume Plums - 2.2 lb. 88332   $57.19  
Mitoku Traditional Ume Plums - 6 oz./170g 88336   $8.69  
Mitoku Traditional Ume Plums - 2.2 lb. 88446   $37.49  
Mitoku Traditional Ume Plums - 24.2 lb. 88335   $394.19  
Mitoku Ko Ume Plums - 4.9 oz./140g 88340   $8.75  
Mitoku Umeboshi Plum Pellets - .35 oz. 88384   $6.99  

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