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Mitoku Ryujin "Yukki" Ume Vinegar
Japanese Umeboshi Seasoning

The ume plums from Ryujin village are very special. Gathered in remote mountain orchards from trees that have never known chemicals, they have a wild quality and are exceptionally flavorful. Traditionally hand-pickled with shiso leaves and sea salt, the tart red juice drawn from the kegs of pickled plums is prized as a gourmet vinegar.

Mitoku Traditional Ume Vinegar
Japanese Umeboshi Seasoning

Mitoku Traditional Umeboshi Vinegar is a delicious, tart-salty seasoning drawn from kegs of traditional pickled Japanese plums (umeboshi), with shiso leaves added to impart their vivid red color.

Name Product Id Price Quantity
Mitoku Ryujin Ume Vinegar - 10 oz. 89271   $3.59  
Mitoku Ryujin Ume Vinegar - 32 oz. 89270   $9.49  
Mitoku Ryujin Ume Vinegar - 1 Gallon 89269   $31.49  
Mitoku Traditional Ume Vinegar - 10 oz. 89282   $2.45  
Mitoku Traditional Ume Vinegar - 32 oz. 89281   $6.49  
Mitoku Traditional Ume Vinegar - 1 Gallon 89280   $21.39  
Mitoku Traditional Ume Vinegar - 5.3 Gallon 89279   $113.07  
Glass Shoyu Dispenser-5 oz. 88479   $7.99  
Insert For 5oz. & 10 oz. 9009   $0.08  

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