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Other Japanese Noodles 
Mitoku Sakurai Soba 

Mitoku offers a wide variety of hard to find soba noodles. One hundred percent buckwheat soba is a hearty, delicious, wheat free noodle that comes in salt-free and salted varieties. They must be cooked more gently to minimize breaking, so frying is not recommended.

Most soba noodles are made from 40-80 percent buckwheat flour with the remainder being unbleached white flour. Ito soba, which is 40 percent buckwheat flour, is a thin, delicate noodle that cooks quickly and easily absorbs the flavor of broth, sauces, or seasonings. Like cha soba (made with the addition of green tea powder), ito soba is especially good served cold in summer. Yomogi (mugwort) soba, another special variety, contains mineral-rich dried mugwort leaves. Mugwort soba, cha soba, and ito soba are not recommended for frying. Jinenjo soba is another popular noodle in Japan. A strengthening food rich in digestive enzymes, jinenjo helps bind the buckwheat flour, resulting in a smooth, soft noodle that is excellent in broth, yet sturdy enough for frying. Noodles that are 80 percent soba, 50 percent soba, and 40 percent soba all have a rich flavor and substantial texture.

Mitoku Organic 100% Soba is the only buckwheat pasta made without any wheat flour or other binding agents. Made entirely of whole organic buckwheat flour that is freshly milled for each batch, this traditional soba is wonderfully hearty and deeply satisfying. This is a gluten-free pasta, full of flavor and natural goodness. Serve in hot shoyu or miso-seasoned broth, in stews, or pasta salads.
Unlike conventional sobas; Mitoku 100% soba noodles do not contain any wheat gluten and therefore should be cooked gently. Add the noodles after your water has come to a boil, then add cold water to the pot periodically until cooked to avoid the noodles breaking apart.

40% Soba is a delicious, country-style pasta made from a blend of whole buckwheat flour and wheat flour. Enjoy in a savory tamari broth, topped with steamed vegetables or tempura. Or try it in salads, fried noodle dishes, or topped with tahini sauce. Due to its versatility and heartiness, 40% soba is Japan's most popular soba blend.

Ito (thread) Soba, known as angel-hair soba, is the premium cut of buckwheat noodle. The Sakurai family selects only the finest organic buckwheat and wheat, which they freshly mill for each batch. After carefully mixing, rolling and cutting the dough, the noodles are slowly and naturally dried at room temperature. Light, delicate, and smooth-textured, it is traditionally served cold in summer with a small bowl of shoyu-seasoned dipping sauce. Ito Soba can be enjoyed in hot broth as well, and it makes refreshing and energizing summer salads.

Mitoku Sakurai Mugwort soba contains mugwort, which grows wild throughout the world, and has a long, rich history of use by numerous cultures. In Japanese cuisine, mugwort herb is prized as a delicious and wholesome ingredient in mochi and, of course, in making superb mugwort noodles. A refreshing noodle served hot or chilled. Handmade by the Sakurai workshop.

Jinenjo (Japanese mountain yam) is a hardy root vegetable long prized in the Orient for its strengthening and rejuvenating qualities. Sakurai organic Jinenjo Soba is a flavorful and energizing pasta with a delightfully smooth texture. In Japan, jinenjo soba is most commonly enjoyed in hot shoyu-seasoned broth. It is also perfect for fried noodles or topped with your favorite sauce.

Cha Soba contains natural green tea powder, known as "matcha" in Japan, to impart its distinctive color and delicately aromatic flavor. A perennial favorite of the Japanese, enjoy it chilled as a refreshing afternoon snack, or as an attractive addition to your summer salads. As a special colorful dish, mix and cook equal amounts of Cha soba with 40% soba and Genmai (Brown Rice) Udon noodles and serve hot with a rich tamari broth. Sensational!

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