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Other Misos 
Marukura Sweet White Miso 

The Japanese have long been considered the world's experts on fermentation. For the size of its population, Japan is a relatively small group of islands with virtually no grazing land. The people, especially those residing in the inland mountainous areas were compelled to find a protein source other than animals. Eons ago, a brilliant discovery was made. Inoculate a cooked grain or bean with a particular culture spore (koji), let it age for a year or two and bingo you have created the most assimiilable protein known to man. Over time this process was applied in different ways to create such superfoods as miso, shoyu, tamari, natto and amazake. The making of koji is a true art form requiring incredible skill and intuition. No one has mastered this demanding craft quite like the Japanese and thus their fermented foods are considered to be the absolute best quality produced in the world.

Marukura Family Sweet White Miso is a popular, smooth and delicious "Kyoto-Style" miso that is family-made in small batches giving it a delectable authentic flavor. The Okada family is committed to traditional methods of making miso, using the simple recipe of their forefathers. Their dedication to quality results in an extraordinary line of miso and koji. The light, sweet taste and smooth texture of Marukura Organic Sweet White Miso makes delightfully creamy sauces, dips and salad dressings, as it is delicately refreshing. One of our more popular and best selling misos! Aged 3-4 Months.

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