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Mitoku Ume Concentrates

Ume Extract is prepared by carefully cooking down the fresh juice of unripe Japanese plums. Mitoku Ume Extract uses only fresh plums which are handpicked. Each plum is a blue-green color when raw and is known as "the blue diamond." The 24 hour cooking process converts this unripe plum into a form of natural medicine. It takes 2.2 lb. or 1 kilogram of plums to produce 0.71 oz. of extract. The extract is the pure essence of ume as no salt or alcohol is added. Ume extract is a useful dietary supplement when used in cooking or drinks. This prized salt-free alkaline tonic has many uses in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Manufactured in Japan, where family masters practice the traditional art of ume production; these ume plum extract products are the highest quality available.

  Name Product Id Price Quantity
  Mitoku Ume Concentrate - 1.4 oz. 88381   $23.93  
  Mitoku Ume Concentrate - 3.2 oz. 88382   $47.74  

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