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 Recipes for Azuki Beans 
Japanese Hokkaido Azuki Beans
Due to the mineral-rich soil of Hokkaido, Japanese azuki beans are packed full of vitamins and are lower in fat and oil than any other bean. From the earliest times, the Japanese have eaten, this versatile bean as a healthy addition to their diet. They may be cooked plain as a healthy side dish or cooked with whole grains. Sekihan "red rice" is a colorful steamed mixture of azuki beans and glutinous rice often served as a celebratory dish on holidays and special occasions. 

It is also frequently used in making an or "sweet bean paste" as a filling for buns and cakes. When the an of azuki beans is sieved, it is called shiruko, a sweet soup with a type of round dumpling called dango. If an is not sieved, it is called zenzai, a sweet soup served with toasted mochi or rice cakes. Azuki are also using in the making of  jell-o like desserts and fancy confections known as Yokan served during Japanese Tea Ceremonies.

 For medicinal purposes, Azuki beans can be slowly cooked down into a soup, gravy, or strained into a light tea.

In the West, azuki have become a popular addition to stews, chili and salads. We also use them as an ingredient in baked goods, such as bread, muffins, cookies and brownies. Anyway you decide to cook them, azuki beans offer a incredibly tasty and healthy element to dishes.

Azuki Beans should always be thoroughly washed and rinsed prior to cooking. It is not required that they be soaked, but it does aid in their digestion. Use the soaking juice to add additional flavor and nutrients.
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Ingredients: Japanese Hokkaido-Island Azuki beans

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