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 Recipes for Daikon 
Japanese Radish Shredded & Sun-Dried-Mitoku Daikon

Giant white radish (daikon) is the most popular vegetable in Japan, and Japanese cooking is impossible to imagine without it. Mitoku Sun-Dried Daikon is made the traditional way, by simply shredding the fresh daikon and leaving it to dry in the sun during the clear, dry days of winter. Dried Daikon is very sweet and goes well with many other foods. After shredding, it is laid out on rice mats (tatami) to dry outside in the sun for several weeks. Drying gives daikon an especially sweet, mellow flavor. May be sautéed alone or with other vegetables, seasoned to taste with shoyu.

Our MitokuDried Daikon (also called kiriboshi daikon) is still being made by a traditional process carried out only in the winter months. Fresh daikon root is simply shredded, then allowed to dry thoroughly in the sun. Drying gives daikon a sweet, mellow taste and preserves most of its nutritional value. Stored in a sealed package in a cool, dry place, dried daikon keeps well, thus providing a good supplement to a winter diet.

Uses: To reconstitute dried daikon, soak it in lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes if you are planning to boil it, 30-60 minutes if sautéing or pickling. Remove daikon, squeeze out excess water, chop, and add to soups and stews or sauté alone or with other vegetables.

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