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 Recipes for Dried Tofu 
Japanese Dried Soybean Cakes - Mitoku Snow-Dried Tofu

Mitoku Snow-Dried Tofu is hand-crafted in the snowy highlands of central Japan by one of the last families who still adhere to traditional methods. The result is an all natural, delicious and concentrated convenience food that stores well and readily absorbs flavors. The Takagi family starts by freezing fresh tofu on bamboo trays overnight, which turns about 86 percent of the water to ice. The protein, minerals, and other solids congeal into a firm, lacy network. The following morning, workers begin the tedious task of stringing pieces of frozen tofu with braided rice straw. For about 20 days the tied frozen tofu blocks are hung from wooden frames in an open shed. They are left to twist and sway in the wind, until aged and dried. Mitoku Snow-Dried Tofu is truly an exceptional, quality product.

Traditional snow-dried (Kohya Dofu) is completely handmade in the mountains of Nagano by an ancient traditional process. Lightweight and easy to store and prepare, it is the ideal camp/travel food. Mitoku Snow-dried tofu is a versatile, protein rich vegetarian entree that absorbs flavors exceptionally well. Less than 1% of dried tofu is still produced by the natural "snow dried" method. Most are now made quickly by artificially freezing and drying and adding such additives as baking soda and ammonia to obtain a pristine white color. We are pleased to be able to offer you yet another wonderful hand-crafted product from Mitoku.

Uses: Reconstitute and add directly to well-seasoned broth, sauces, other flavorful dishes, or dice and marinate blocks.

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