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 Recipes for Fu 
Japanese Wheat Gluten - Mitoku Fu


Fu was developed centuries ago by Buddhist monks, probably as a meat substitute. There are many types of fu, but most resemble a crisp, light biscuit. With 29 percent protein and less than 1 percent fat, dried fu (wheat gluten), like tofu and tempeh, is an Asian food with great potential for health-conscious consumers. Versatile, quick cooking, and easy to prepare, fu adapts to any style of cooking. It has a mild, pleasant flavor and, when cooked, absorbs other flavors exceptionally well. Easy to digest, salt-free, and nutritious, fu is considered an excellent food for children and sick people.

Mitoku Fu is high in protein and easy to digest. Before cooking, the pieces are soaked in water, softening to a sponge-like state, and the excess water is squeezed out. They are used in soups and nabemono (pot dishes).

Mitoku Kuruma Fu is named after "kuruma," meaning wheel in Japanese, as they are shaped as large flat rings. They are a unique food, developed by Buddhist monks centuries ago, and quickly became a staple in their traditionally vegetarian diet. Today Fu is a favorite among health-conscious people around the world. It makes a tasty addition to everyday meals and is quick cooking and easy to use. Mitoku Kuruma Fu and other Mitoku Fu absorbs flavors well and adapts to any style of cooking.

Zeni-Fu got its name from the old Japanese term "zeni," which was what the ancient coins were called. Zeni-fu resembles the shape of the old Japanese coins in that they are mini circles with a hole in the center. Mitoku Zeni-Fu rings are super light and a convenient size.

Mitoku Zenryu Fu is a wholesome tasting and versatile fu, made from whole-wheat flour and naturally prepared wheat gluten. These medium-sized rings have a pleasant flavor and when cooked absorb other flavors exceptionally well. As with all Mitoku Fu, Zenryu-Fu has no added chemicals, preservatives, colors or artificial leavening agents.

Uses: Add reconstituted fu to miso soup, bean soup, hearty winter stews, vegetable side dishes, deep-fry bite-size for crisp, healthy and natural croutons for salad.

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