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 Recipes for Spring 
Selected Recipes from Japanese Foods That Heal
...from the Preface of the book Japanese Foods That Heal...

You will discover that Japanese foods are extremely versatile and can be incorporated into any style of cooking. For example, umeboshi (pickled Japanese plums) can be used instead of salt in many dishes and will add tangy flavor and unique health benefits to anything from o-kayu (rice porridge) to guacamole. Protein-rich seitan (seasoned wheat gluten) is equally at home in sukiyaki or pot pie.

We hope this book will encourage you to include these delicious and healthful foods in your everyday cooking. The quality of our food directly affects the quality of our lives. It is rewarding to prepare simple, wholesome meals and watch your family blossom and become healthier.

    One last word of advise to help ensure success: Have fun! When you are giving your energy and creating with joy, positive energy flows through you and is received by all who eat your food.

    - John & Jan Belleme
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By John & Jan Belleme

Using traditional Japanese ingredients to promote health, longevity & well-being
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